The World of Java Gently

Java Gently has been printed eight times in two editions now with the third edition on its way.
There is also a completely new book called

Java Gently for Engineers and Scientists
by Judy Bishop and Nigel Bishop.

Italian version of Java Gently October 1999
   Java Gently Corso introduttivo, ISBN 88-7192-065-1  translated by Flavio de Paoli

German version of Java Gently December 1999
    Java Lernen ISBN 3 8273 1605 7 translated by Dorothea Reder mit revision von Prof Dr Uwe Kastens

Spanish version of Java Gently March 2000
   Java Fundamentos de Programacion ISBN 84-7829-022-2 translated by Estrella Pilido Canabate, Jose Dorronsoro Ibero,
   Manuel Alfonseca Moreno

Publication history:
Java Gently for Engineers and Scientists, December 1999, reprinted May 2000
Java Gently second edition March 1998 reprinted with corrections May 1998, reprinted four more times since then
Java Gently first edition, May 1997,  reprinted with corrections August 1997, October 1997