1. Each Chapter link produces a .zip files containing all the Java files for the examples in that specific chapter. The files can be extracted with almost any unzip utility.
  2. The package links produce a .zip file containing Java files and  compiled versions of the classes they contain, so you do not have to recompile anything here. The files will unzip into folders named javagently and myutilities, respectively. Once they're unzipped, all you have to do is set your classpath, as explained in Section 4.3 and the FAQ.
  3. From Chapter 4 onwards many of the examples make use of classes such Stream or Display which are in the javagently package. Make sure you download this package before trying to run the examples, and include javagently in your classpath to be able to use import javagently.*
  4. myutilities also uses javagently, so you need to get javagently first. myutilities is also needed from Chapter 4 onwards.

javagently package  23 KB (contains Stream, Display and Graph, as well as List and Text which they need)
myutilities package 6 KB (contains Filer, Stats, Sortable, Sort, Queue and QueueException)

All the examples in one file 542KB

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* If you have any problems downloading or using the packages, check out the FAQ.