January 2001

Since it came out in March 1997, Java Gently has gone from strength to strength.
Here are snippets of news about the book and publisher:

- The third edition came out at the end of 2001
- There is a further Engineers and Scientists edition, published in January 2000. Visit it via our front page.
- The book is now in Italian, Spanish, German as well as English
- The book is used widely across the world (see list of users on this site)
- We had half a million hits from over 12 000 different computers (IP addresses) in four months

On the team for 2001 will be the regulars Basil Worrall and Johnny Lo.
Thanks to Francis d'Oliviera and Eric Clements who worked on the website during 2000.

The 3rd edition website is the most ambitions yet and includes, as well as the exmaples,
downloads, error list and interactive discussion board, plans for:

- transparencies
- comprehensions (i.e. directed practicals)
- more muliple choice questions with online checking)
- full answers

These parts of the website are not yet operational, but should be available in the first quarter. Watch the website regularly for news.

Judith Bishop
2 January 2001